Sunday, September 30, 2007
Birmingham vs Manchester United Video
Here are the goal of Birmingham vs Manchester United match. Watch it now before netresult took it away.
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Birmingham 0 Manchester United 1
Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, we regain our second place behind Arsenal. We have a slow start earlier in the game and there are moment of panic when Birmingham started to attack us. but we manage to retain them thanks to Vidic and Ferdinand.

I thought Giggs is starting to show is age.. he looks lost and - i have to admit - his passing is pissing me off. I hope its temporary tho..

Van der sar suffer an injury in the first half but he continue to play until the end of first half. He was substituted with Thomas Kuszack in the second half ( damn its hard to spell his name).

I have to admit after the unconvincing start against Coventry i was worried about replacing Van Der Sar with Thomas. But he is quite ok and i thought his save (that was deflected by Ferdinand) was superb.

Cris showed us his talent again after stealing a ball from Frank Queudrue and rounding Taylor to shoot the ball into the back of the net.

Overall performance was not as i expected after the win against Chelsea, but win is a win and im hoping for the best against Roma this midweek.
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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Manchester United Free Wallpaper
I'm in the process of finding great Manchester United wallpaper and i will list all of it here. Stay tuned for lots of other wallpaper that i will add from time to time.


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Birmingham City vs Manchester United match preview
After a frustrating Carling cup experience, i'm sure Manchester United will try to bounce back on track. I expect the starting line up will be similar to the one we used against Chelsea. This is my prediction of the starting line ups:





I expect there will be a lot of defending by the home team but by recent performance they should have enough confident to create trouble. Our first team are obviously better than the one used against Coventry and im hoping for another clean sheet.

I feel that Rooney and Tevez should settle the job for us and i expect another 1-nils. If this didn't work out as planned there will always be Saha to save the day.
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Friday, September 28, 2007
Manchester United vs Coventry City Video
Here are the highlights of yesterday night match
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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Manchester United Team Photo Wallpaper
I taught its not to late to post our team photo:
Manchester United Squad 2007/2008 minus Smudge and that cunt Heinze
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Manchester United got served!!!
There goes our record of 5 straight win on all competition. Le me refresh your mind;
  • Manchester United vs Tottenham 1-0,
  • Manchester United vs Sunderland 1-0,
  • Manchester United vs Everton 1-0,
  • Sporting Lisbon vs Manchester United 0-1,
  • Manchester United vs Chelsea 2-0,
  • And this morning's match Manchester United Vs Coventry City?

..... wait for it...wait for it....

Lost 0-2 ?!!!

Fergie.. when will you learn not to underestimate other team. So Sir although you are a legend this one is for you...

Picture courtesy off RedCafe.
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Football Latest
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Manchester United vs Coventry City on sopcast?
I already watch the TV guide and to my horror they will show Chelski match on TV and not Manchester United vs Coventry City. I don't know if the people from sopcast air this match or not.

For those who don't know what Sopcast is chaeck this out Its a streaming TV broadcasting live channels like ESPN, Super Sports and many more. There are lots of channel but i didn't bother to watch them.. i only want football.

There are TV guides for Sopcast and you can check the guide at Sometimes they will air something that are not listed in the guide so i hope they will air United match.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Leave Britney alone vs Leave Manchester United alone
I know some of you have watch this video from this freak cnut that goes by the name of Chris Crocker. Here are for those of you who haven't it seen it yet:

Leave Britney Alone


Here are the Manchester United version of "leave britney alone"

Leave Manchester United alone

Hahaha.. it's quite funny actually
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Another potential misery for Chelski
Chelsea captain John Terry could be banned after grabbing the red card of ref Howard Dean before the dismissal of John Obi Mikel against Manchester United on Sunday.

Dean has included the actions of Terry - as well as a number of other Chelsea players and staff - in the report he has sent to Soho Square.

At least four Chelsea players crowded around Dean when he decided to dismiss Mikel for a two-footed tackle and the club will almost certainly be charged with failing to control their players, says the Daily Mail.

Chelsea assistant manager Steve Clarke is also likely to be included in the report after confronting Dean in the tunnel at half time, while Chelsea officials may also be drawn into the controversy after joining Clarke in expressing their displeasure.

This a bad news for every Chelski fan but it serve him right. I think... Wait! wasn't this blog suppost to be about Manchester United?
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Manchester United vs Chelsea video replay: Saha Dive?
Is it a dive? Dont ask me you know how bias i am.

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Manchester United vs Chelsea Video
I know the background song sucks but all the good video have been pulled out by youtube. Sorry for the background song.. I did not upload this video so don't blame me for it. Btw enjoy...
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United 2 Chelski 0
This is the worse it can get for Chelski supporter. First your gaffer been sacked and then you get your a** kicked by United. What a beautiful day.

The atmosphere was great ( i can feel it even tho i wasn't there) and our lads are all fired up from the recent criticism. I taught Carrick was superb in the match. He control and dominate the midfield even before that prick Obi Wan was sent off.

And the defence was rock solid. Chelski have only like what... 2 shots on target compared to >10 united have?. If it wasnt for Cech i think Chelski will sink faster than a Russian submarine.

Ferdinand was limping with tight injury and i taught that was it for him...but he manage recover and get back on the field. Him and Vida was just perfect and Wesley have a decent game too.

Tevez open up his goal account with united with the first goal in injury time. Eventho' Giggs was not at his best that day but he manage to deliver a spectacular outside-of-the-foot cross to Tevez to head it to the back of Chelski's net.

The second half was even better. We control the game most of the time. Ok i know we are playing agaist a 10 men team but c'mon... you guys are chelsea right? You guy suppost to be hard battling team.

Being me i cannot stand 1-nils. It not good for my heart. But thanks to Saha who won us a penalty with a "spectacular" skill, my heart rate went to normal again.

Theres no doubt Cech is a great GK. Eventho he is a good goalkeeper, Being Cech..he is suck at penalty. Saha shoot 2-nil and its game over for chelski.

3 points in the bag and second place in the league. Ahh... my day just keep gettin better an better.
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Thursday, September 20, 2007
United in for another sporting whiz-kid?!!!
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is ready to raid Sporting Lisbon again.

After landing Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani in recent years, Fergie is now chasing Sporting's Nigerian teenager Rabiu Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, 17, has caught Manchester United's eye and Fergie is hoping his relationship with Sporting Lisbon can give him the edge on Liverpool and Chelsea, who have been watching the attacking midfielder, says the Mirror.

Who is this kid anyway? I never seen anything about him to say the least...

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We won, Mourinho Sacked!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo made a triumphant return to Sporting Lisbon as he grabbed Manchester United's winner tonight.

Ronaldo spent seven years wearing Sporting green before he left for Old Trafford in 2003 with a �12.2million price tag and became a megastar.

But the brilliant Portugal winger had warned there would be no old pals act at the Jose Alvalade Stadium, the ground on which he first came to Sir Alex Ferguson's attention in a friendly meeting between the teams four years ago.

And Ronaldo matched his words with deeds as he arrived with perfect timing to finish off Wes Brown's low cross and provide the Red Devils with only their third Champions League away win in 15 encounters.

Having refused to state yesterday whether he would celebrate any goal, Ronaldo restricted himself to a low, double-fisted salute before an almost apologetic bow to the home supporters, who offered the winger a standing ovation when he was replaced by Carlos Tevez four minutes from time.

His efforts ensured United headed home with three precious points - but Edwin van der Sar had equal claim on hero status among the visiting faithful, the veteran Dutchman producing two outstanding saves to deny Liedson and Tonel.

On other shocking news... mourinho the clown have been sacked by Red Rom. Dont know what next for him now. Dont worry mourinho just do chin up dance!!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007
Manchester United Chants 2007 (updated)
I have some new Manchester United chants for us United fans. Sing your heart out at old trafford!!!

That Boy Ronaldo

"He plays on the left,
He plays on the right,
That boy Ronaldo made England look shite!"

He'll F**kin' Murder Ya!

Nemanja ohhh, Nemanja ohhh,
He comes from Serbia...
He'll F**kin' Murder Ya!

Note: it used to be sung to the cunt Heinze. now it all yours TEVEZ!

Park, Park, Wherever You May Be

Park, Park, wherever you may be,
You eat dogs in your home country!
It could be worse, you could be a Scouse,
Eating rats in your council house!
Note: cant stop laughing at this one.

He's Won it Nine Times

He's won it nine times,
He's won it nine times,
That boy Giggsy,
He's won it nine times.
Note: to Giggs the living legend

Thats all folks i will add from time to time.

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Vidic hit the target!!!
Defensive pair Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand were the heroes as Manchester United escaped Everton with a scrappy 1-0 win.

In a game that drew precious few saves from either goalkeeper, it was fitting that the winner should come from a set-piece late on. It was Vidic who swooped on 83 minutes from Nani's corner, powering his header past debutant Stefan Wessels in the Everton goal.

Minutes later it was Vidic's defensive partner Ferdinand who was the hero as he sensationally blocked Victor Anichebe's effort after United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar had spilled James McFadden's swerving drive.

In the first-half, United lost Mikael Silvestre with what looked a twisted knee as he slipped making a tackle, he was carried off with Nani taking over after 39 minutes. The Portuguese made way after the winner for Gerard Pique, who turned in a tidy performance in midfield in the final ten minutes.

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Ronaldinho almost joined Manchester United
Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta has sensationally revealed how Ronaldinho was convinced while at Paris Saint Germain that he was joining Manchester United.

Arteta said: "In Paris, I was playing behind Ronaldinho and Jay- Jay Okocha so I could hardly help picking up tips about how to go past a player.

"I learned a lot from Ronaldinho. Some of the things he did were incredible.

"I remember going in to training and hearing him say he was joining United. Then Barcelona came in at the last moment and he seemed to prefer the idea of living there.

"That was a big loss for United. He'd have been a sensation in the Premier League, particularly at Old Trafford."

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Monday, September 10, 2007
Kaka or Ronaldo?
Benfica veteran Rui Costa believes this year's Ballon d'Or should be split between Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka.

AC Milan midfield ace Kaka is regarded by many as being favourite for the Player of the Year award and while former Rossoneri star Rui Costa would love to see the Brazilian pick up the trophy, he also wants recognition for fellow Portuguese Ronaldo, the Manchester United winger.

"This year I would split in two the Ballon d'Or and give half to Cristiano Ronaldo and half to Kaka," said Rui Costa.

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Doctor to Rooney: dont take the risk..
Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has been warned against returning too soon from his metatarsal injury.

Rooney, out with a broken metatarsal for the third time in three years, is desperate to make his comeback in United's game at his former club Everton on Saturday.

That would mean just a five week lay-off, the quickest return of any top player to suffer a broken metatarsal in recent years.

Professor Chris Moran, who assessed Rooney's metatarsal before the World Cup and an expert in bone and muscle injuries, told the Mail on Sunday: "Wayne is a fit, young lad very, very keen to return as he lives to play football. But players must be held back to stop themselves causing more damage. If you come back too early, there's a risk of re-fracturing and having a setback.

"Full-blooded and combative players (like Rooney) are more likely to get injured but Wayne's been very unlucky to have three."

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