Sunday, September 30, 2007
Birmingham 0 Manchester United 1
Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, we regain our second place behind Arsenal. We have a slow start earlier in the game and there are moment of panic when Birmingham started to attack us. but we manage to retain them thanks to Vidic and Ferdinand.

I thought Giggs is starting to show is age.. he looks lost and - i have to admit - his passing is pissing me off. I hope its temporary tho..

Van der sar suffer an injury in the first half but he continue to play until the end of first half. He was substituted with Thomas Kuszack in the second half ( damn its hard to spell his name).

I have to admit after the unconvincing start against Coventry i was worried about replacing Van Der Sar with Thomas. But he is quite ok and i thought his save (that was deflected by Ferdinand) was superb.

Cris showed us his talent again after stealing a ball from Frank Queudrue and rounding Taylor to shoot the ball into the back of the net.

Overall performance was not as i expected after the win against Chelsea, but win is a win and im hoping for the best against Roma this midweek.
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