Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Another potential misery for Chelski
Chelsea captain John Terry could be banned after grabbing the red card of ref Howard Dean before the dismissal of John Obi Mikel against Manchester United on Sunday.

Dean has included the actions of Terry - as well as a number of other Chelsea players and staff - in the report he has sent to Soho Square.

At least four Chelsea players crowded around Dean when he decided to dismiss Mikel for a two-footed tackle and the club will almost certainly be charged with failing to control their players, says the Daily Mail.

Chelsea assistant manager Steve Clarke is also likely to be included in the report after confronting Dean in the tunnel at half time, while Chelsea officials may also be drawn into the controversy after joining Clarke in expressing their displeasure.

This a bad news for every Chelski fan but it serve him right. I think... Wait! wasn't this blog suppost to be about Manchester United?
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