Sunday, September 16, 2007
Manchester United Chants 2007 (updated)
I have some new Manchester United chants for us United fans. Sing your heart out at old trafford!!!

That Boy Ronaldo

"He plays on the left,
He plays on the right,
That boy Ronaldo made England look shite!"

He'll F**kin' Murder Ya!

Nemanja ohhh, Nemanja ohhh,
He comes from Serbia...
He'll F**kin' Murder Ya!

Note: it used to be sung to the cunt Heinze. now it all yours TEVEZ!

Park, Park, Wherever You May Be

Park, Park, wherever you may be,
You eat dogs in your home country!
It could be worse, you could be a Scouse,
Eating rats in your council house!
Note: cant stop laughing at this one.

He's Won it Nine Times

He's won it nine times,
He's won it nine times,
That boy Giggsy,
He's won it nine times.
Note: to Giggs the living legend

Thats all folks i will add from time to time.

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