Tuesday, September 25, 2007
United 2 Chelski 0
This is the worse it can get for Chelski supporter. First your gaffer been sacked and then you get your a** kicked by United. What a beautiful day.

The atmosphere was great ( i can feel it even tho i wasn't there) and our lads are all fired up from the recent criticism. I taught Carrick was superb in the match. He control and dominate the midfield even before that prick Obi Wan was sent off.

And the defence was rock solid. Chelski have only like what... 2 shots on target compared to >10 united have?. If it wasnt for Cech i think Chelski will sink faster than a Russian submarine.

Ferdinand was limping with tight injury and i taught that was it for him...but he manage recover and get back on the field. Him and Vida was just perfect and Wesley have a decent game too.

Tevez open up his goal account with united with the first goal in injury time. Eventho' Giggs was not at his best that day but he manage to deliver a spectacular outside-of-the-foot cross to Tevez to head it to the back of Chelski's net.

The second half was even better. We control the game most of the time. Ok i know we are playing agaist a 10 men team but c'mon... you guys are chelsea right? You guy suppost to be hard battling team.

Being me i cannot stand 1-nils. It not good for my heart. But thanks to Saha who won us a penalty with a "spectacular" skill, my heart rate went to normal again.

Theres no doubt Cech is a great GK. Eventho he is a good goalkeeper, Being Cech..he is suck at penalty. Saha shoot 2-nil and its game over for chelski.

3 points in the bag and second place in the league. Ahh... my day just keep gettin better an better.
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