Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Evra May Get His Chance
Manchester United has already suffered a lost in Left back department after Mikael Silvestre was injured after a match against Arsenal. To make it worst Gaby Heinze is sidelined for around three weeks with a hamstring injury.

This could be Evra's chance to show what he is all about. Once the international break is over it could give Evra a potential four-match crack at securing the No3 role against Wigan, Copenhagen, Liverpool and Bolton.

He said: "I am very, very happy. I played the pre-season in South Africa and now I am understanding the football better over here," said Patrice.

"The first six months were difficult for me. Now I am happy because I know every player and they know my game. I am playing more games than six months ago so I am very content."

While Silvestre's and Heinze's major strengths were in defending, Evra caught the eye for his attacking ability.

And he says that the form of United's player of the season to date, Cristiano Ronaldo, is proving a major help.

"I do love getting forward," he added. "I like that side of the game and United bought me because the best part of my play was getting forward.

"But I realise in England that defending is a big part of the game and I am learning.

"However, in the attacking sense it has been great having Cristiano in front of me. It's good having him there because when he has the ball everybody is afraid. The opposition are very aware of him and that makes more space for me. I can get forward and cut inside. It is beautiful to play with him."
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