Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Nistelrooy for another Dutch?
Upon the departure of Van Nistelrooy, there's another Dutch rumoured to fill the predator's spot in the front line.

The striker that im talking about is Dirk Kuyt, the summer transfer target of Rafa Banitez of liverpool. He has a fantastic records in his club and must be looking forwards to play for a bigger club.

Dirk Kuyt, the Holland international striker, is linked with United with several other world cup strikers like Tevez and Torres.

Despite the announcement of Torres that he want to stay in Spain, there are still few top clubs that still looking forward for his signiture, and yesterday there has been rumours that Chelsea is also interested in him.

Meanwhile, Tevez, also a Chelsea target (funny isn't it?), is looking forward to play away from Corinthians because of fans problem.

Nuff said, all of these guys are among the hottest property of world football. Lets see who from the three will be a devil next season!
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At 4:15 PM, Blogger electrical life sucks

the new devil striker is teves(my choice)...ahaha...but kuyt also good...but torres is imposibble to exit the spanish.


At 4:55 PM, Blogger since1897

Putting two strikers with same ability and gameplay is just risky...I've told u and its proved..

"Tevez and Rooney"...Huh..Denga memang gempak but trust me it won't work so much unless Man U play modern football practically applied by Barca,Lyon,Arsenal etc...If Man U still work under Ferguson helm, u still need same type player as RVN before to lead the attack...