Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Gary Neville vs Ronaldo
Gary Neville, a life long red, was angry and upset with Ronaldo relating to his desire to quit Manchester United.

Ronaldo has stated twice during the world cup that he wants to quit United and upon his return to Carrington training ground on monday, he was greeted with smiles and cheers by his team mates.

But not Neville.

Neville was angry because of Ronaldo's disloyalty to the club, but it has nothing to do with his part in the Wayne Rooney incident.

Hehe.. Ronaldo vs Neville showdown. Don't bet on it
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At 11:37 PM, Blogger electrical life sucks

aik...neville x puas ati dgn ronaldo plak...haha..ape susah,belasah jek..kate captain man u...haha.
more news updated
-inter signed vierra with 11 million(around that value la,aku x ingat) pound from juve
-graveson gado dgn robinho kt training ground yesterday.bodo nye diorg ni.da besar pon nk gado ke...haha.
-right now,man u still tgh gile2 kejar 1 0f 3 best striker....torres(still doubt in ath madrid),tevez(tipped to leave corinthians) and new link,dirk kuyt(feyenord striker,tp aku dgr liverpool da sign die)....aku pon x tau.
-man u still kejar senna gak....x de ckp psl masherano pon.


At 11:54 PM, Blogger electrical life sucks

more updated news
-torres ckp nk g either man u or chelsea BUT ready with 30 million pound..pale hotak die...die ingat die bagos sgt sampai cm tu...rooney pon x de harga sampai cm tu ar...bowdoh!
-mourinho admit even man u dgn ars baru beli 1 player,they(man u n ars) are the threats to chelsea up coming season....
-tgk DIE ckp...bukan newspaper ckp...
Mourinho said: "I still believe United and Arsenal will, in spite of the fact Arsenal finished fourth and Liverpool third, still be the better teams.

ade lg manis....
I think it’s the right choice to get Carrick. He’s a big improvement for them and I think they can be a very strong team."


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At 8:25 AM, Blogger since1897

Vieira to Inter...hehe..aku tak amik pot sgtpun...tadi aku baru tgk player besa sememangnya dia overconfident..Arrogant French..komen komen dia tu agak blagak cam komen dia before C.L match against Arsenal last season.."We will win this match"...nguahahaha..bullshit..

anyway, he still ex-Juve...Wish him all the best and good luck....thanx for yr meaningless contribution last year....after this mayb zlatan....sayangnya dia talented tapi biasala bedarah muda and blagak la jugak...bagusla, player player yang Capello bawak masuk suma dah start with new fresh blood...

Carrick to Man U for 18m....wohohoho...kalau aku kira terlalu mahal utk player camtu..Man U can use that money for other purpose or player...hopefully he can perform well..