Tuesday, August 01, 2006
United's chart topping hits!
Manchester United players are among the top of the carts of Actim Index. Several United (and ex) players like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Evin Van Der Sar are listed as among the best in the premiership.

According to premierleague.com,

"Actim Index is the brand name for the official data of the FA Premier League, The Football League and the Scottish Premier League.

The data is used to produce Actim Stats. Actim Stats are a collection of team, player and match statistics.

They are derived from all the actions that take place during a match, including goals, shots on target, corners, fouls, offsides, passes, tackles, blocks and clearances.

The raw data can be used to generate a wide range of tables and statistics such as player profiles, team and player head to heads and form guides."

From the data taken from last season's matches, Van Der Sar is the top goalkeeper leaving behind Petr Cech and Jens Lehman with 5.68 points

Rio Ferdinand has proven his worth to be world's best defender by chart toping the Actim index of defenders with 6.24 points.

Only Thierry Henry and Frank lamphard have more points than Nistelrooy who is at number two of the striker index with 6.85 points. Van Nistelrooy has been no.1 at the chart several months before Alex Ferguson decided not to use him in the starting eleven.

Meanwhile, Rooney is at no 5 of the striker index with 5.61 points.
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At 11:05 PM, Blogger electrical life sucks

more updated news....
-man u mng lwn Macclesfield 2-1...rooney 1 campbell(budak reserve team) 1
-sbelum tu diorang ade training,ronaldo train skali dgn man u....rooney ok jek...die x marah dah...hahaha..siap salam lg...tp ronaldo pasang 2 guard kt umah die..takut ade tjadi pape kn.
-ronaldo dgn rest of man u including new no 16 kid(u know who) akan main utk amsterdam tournament b4 lwn sevilla on 12th august.
-man u x kejar vierra n almost join inter milan at the moment.
-mclaren will name his first England squad on 12 August for the Greece game.
-mclaren will announce the new cap for eng in 14th..the candidates are terry,gerrard,neville & ffffferdind(hahaha)
-eng will face greece on 16th..x sabar nye.
thats all

courtesy of manutd.com & bbc.co.uk/sport2


At 11:06 PM, Blogger electrical life sucks

correction....ferdinand...ahaha...tersilap type.