Monday, July 17, 2006
Rooney speak

United's Wayne Rooney said ragarding the red card incident; 'In being forced back, I had trod on the player on the ground'. 'It turned out to be Carvalho. And I was aware that my foot had landed between his legs, which, of course, is about the nastiest place to get hurt, but it was an . 'I couldn't believe that the ref, who was so near, hadn't realised that. Perhaps he was too near.' Rooney added: 'I'll go to my grave and still maintain it was a complete . I hadn't intended to do it. I had my back to the player. I couldn't see him, or where I was putting my foot. 'If you think about it, if I'd done it deliberately, if it had been a definite stamp meant to harm him, the fella would still be in hospital to this day. But he was up on his feet in minutes, no worse for wear.' Rooney also denied any hard feelings or fights with his team mate Christiano Ronaldo. Rooney insists Cristiano Ronaldo did not try to wind him up in the tunnel before England's World Cup quarter-final defeat to Portugal in Gelsenkirchen.
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At 10:24 PM, Blogger electrical life sucks

gambar yg paling menyakitkn hati aku mase world cup...england x penah mng world cup 40 tahun lol...lamo gilo...aku ade bace england nk bertanding jd host world cup 2018...kalo jd best gak,probability nk mng tu tinggi mase tu rooney da tua,33 kalo hebat cm zidane ape salah nye main lg kn...haha...cpat la start season epl...x sabar plak...19hb bln dpn u start 20hb(ari ahad kot) lwn sape tah,x ingat...cpat la beli def mid...gattuso ke senna ke...janji ade...glory2 man utd my fren...haha.